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In order for you or your loved one to simply get on living and enjoying your self-directed life, we provide tools designed specifically to support personalised care & support. 

Our suite of tools meet most social care and health scenarios, delivering a one-stop-shop for self-directed care & support.  The tools have been specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals, their providers, as well as NHS and Local Authority organisations -  making self-directed care and support easier.

Below is a list of some of our solutions- simply select your area of interest to find out more.  If you can't find what you're looking for, please

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Virtual Wallet

An innovative software and managed service solution to deliver direct payments, personal health budgets and one-off payments more effectively and efficiently.

More about Virtual Wallet


Many individuals use the Virtual Wallet Payroll service to complement their Virtual Wallet account, providing a one stop shop for personal budget management.

More about Payroll Services


Online, searchable directories to provide up-to-date listings of providers, services and community organisations. Suitable for social care, SEND Local Offer and Families.

More about Directories


A fully transactional eMarketplace, specifically designed for the health and social care sectors, processing £100 million of transactions per year.

More about eMarketplace

IAG Websites

Intuitive and engaging Information, Advice and Guidance websites, that deliver personalised information efficiently and effectively. 

More about IAG websites

Mobile apps

User-focused, digital solutions on mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Driving down costs, while delivering increased access and control for citizens.

More about Mobile Apps


Our forms tool provides an effective online method for assessments, eligibility and referrals and other forms. Forms can be completed online, at any time, streamlining processes.

More about Forms


Our recruitment tool empowers organisations and individuals to source employees and volunteers, and helps candidates find new roles, such as being a personal assistant or care worker.

More about Recruitment


Supports commissioners and individuals to quickly and easily outline an individual’s care and support needs and find the best value service provider.

More about Dynamic Purchasing

Independent Living Advice

A traditional person based service empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their personal goals.

More about Independent Living Advice


An online Events Calendar and listing tool, to enable you to easily manage and find local events and activities, complimenting traditional health, care and family services.

More about Events


An intuitive booking tool, which facilitates bookings for single or recurring events, including vaccination programs, appointments, events and more. 

More about Bookings