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Recruitment Tool

Our Recruitment Tool has been designed with care and the community in mind. Whether you are recruiting Personal Assistants, Care Workers or Volunteers, our recruitment tool can help. 

We believe in making recruitment easier for everyone. That's why we have created a recruitment tool that includes the following:

  • An attractive website to promote the tool
  • Content and videos to guide people through the process
  • A comprehensive registration process for candidates and employers
  • Search and browse through available candidates
  • Advertise a position to all candidates or selected candidates

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Key Benefits

Safer way to connect individuals with PA candidates
Provides advice, information and eLearning to make recruitment more successful
Track training and qualifications
Promotes the role of a PAs and care workers and encourages people to choose that career
Encourages individuals to have more choice and control over their support
Online tool available 24 x7

How can you use our Recruitment Tool?