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Virtual Wallet

Virtual Wallet

Virtual Wallet supports NHS organisations and local authorities to deliver personal health budgets, direct payments and one-off payments and grants. The funding organisation makes one simple payment into the Virtual Wallet central fund and budgets are then allocated to individuals.  The individual is then able to choose, book and buy care, support and products to meet their specific needs.  Virtual Wallet then automatically processes payments to the providers and personal assistants.  

Virtual Wallet also enables robust financial monitoring and complete transparency on budget spend for all parties. It also enables individuals to continue to have choice and control over their care and support, without the hassle of having to make payments themselves or send in receipts.


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Introduction to Virtual Wallet

Key Benefits

Significant savings
Reduced admin
Full auditing of spend
Delivering true choice and control
Loved by providers
Safe and secure

How can you use Virtual Wallet?

"Virtual Wallet has enabled us to deliver £290k of in-year savings by embedding Digital at the heart of our business. This has simplified the management of Direct Payments for Clients, Providers and BCC. It also enabled us to claw-back over £1m of unspent funds, within two weeks of the end of the financial year."

Marcia Smith, Head of Business Improvement – Communities Health and Social Care at Buckinghamshire County Council.

Virtual Wallet is operated by Public Partnerships, a trading name of Public Consulting Group UK Limited, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 953987) for the issuance of e-money.  We are not a bank, and funds held by us are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.  However, all client funds are held in safeguarded bank accounts in accordance with our licence from the Financial Conduct Authority.