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Many local authorities and NHS organisations are now looking at meeting the expected increase in assessments by using online, self-service functionality. Our Forms Module supports multiple, online forms for individuals and professionals. Our platform supports the building and configuration, without the need for development skills. All of our forms share these common features:

  • Work on PCs, tablets and mobile devices
  • Step-by-step completion, with progress indicators where necessary
  • Context specific help text at every step
  • Form completion features, e.g. address look-up, data validation, calendar pickers etc
  • Stand alone from case management systems, to deliver tools for self-funders as well as Authority-funded users
  • Forms data can be accessed from the back-end, emailed to a specified email address or integrated with third party systems, such as case management systems

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Key benefits

Low cost, compared to telephone or face-to-face assessments and referrals
24 x 7 access: making self-service available at all times
Improves accuracy over paper forms and re-keying
Improved usability compared to paper forms
Signposts users to information, as they complete the form
Fully configurable to meet specific needs and reduce ongoing change costs

How can you use our Forms tool?

Did you know?

The most popular time for carers to complete our Carers' Assessment is between 11.30pm and 1.30am! This reinforces the need for online resources for carers, which are available 24 x 7.