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Personal Assistants & Providers

Self-Directed Care & Support for Personal Assistants and Providers

Your passion is providing care and support to individuals.  Our passion is making that easy.  

One of the few silver-linings of the Covid pandemic is that it finally brought recognition to the key workers providing care and support in the wider community.  

The challenges for you as a personal assistant or a provider in the health and social care sector are many.   We can't solve all of these challenges, but we can ease some of them by connecting you with people that need your support and reducing the day-to-day administrative burden so that the system works for you rather than against you.  

Did you know?

We don't charge personal assistants or providers for using our systems and solutions

What we do

We help you create, find and convert opportunities to grow and manage your self-directed care & support business.  

Our Directory, eMarketplace and Dynamic Purchasing Solutions encourage you to develop person-centred offerings and make it easier for you to promote yourself or your organisation to prospective clients and generate new business. 

Our Virtual Wallet solution makes it easy for you as a provider to manage your relationships, with simple invoicing, expense capture, time recording & payroll functionality and swift, dependable payments.  

If you are a provider organisation that already has, or is interested in establishing an 'Individual Service Fund' (ISF) proposition, we have collaborated with the social enterprise Self Directed Futures to create ISF Wallet.   ISF Wallet brings together Self Directed Futures' passion & expertise in relation to ISFs and our Virtual Wallet solution to offer a simple & low-cost solution with no investment or risk. 


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