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Our Partners

The clue is in the name.  We love collaborating with like-minded organisations across health and social care. 

The Access Group

The Access Group is the UK’s market leading provider of next generation Adult Social Care and Children's Services case management software, integrated with financial management and reporting modules. 

We work closely with TAG to deliver citizen-facing solutions across many of the client sites, providing a holistic view via two-way integration with TAG's Mosaic system. 

Find out more on their website (opens in a new window)

Self Directed Futures

Self Directed Futures is a social enterprise that helps empower individuals and families to take control of their support and build the kind of lives that they want to live.  They work with a growing list of Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups and support provider organisations. 

Self Directed Futures has developed specific expertise in working with funding authorities and providers to establish Individual Service Funds for the delivery of personal budgets, and we have collaborated to create ISF Wallet.  

ISF Wallet enables ISF provider organisations to manage all the financial elements of a personal budget on behalf of an individual.  It brings together Self Directed Futures’ passion & expertise in relation to ISFs and the Virtual Wallet solution developed by PPL for the management of personal budgets.    

Find out more on their website (opens in a new window). 


Alocura work with individuals and their families, care providers and funding organisations to deliver third-party managed personal health budgets.  Their specialist area is the creation and management of complex care packages. 

They work closely with NHS organisations and third-sector partners, bringing together vast experience in the health and social care sectors with proven systems and processes.  We are proud to be one of their technology partners, providing the budget management platform that underpins their financial management, accounting and auditing processes. 

Find out more on their website (opens in a new window).


Imosphere are a people-centric software company specialising in health and social care data capture systems and analytics.  Previously known as FACE, Imosphere creates digital, best practice tools that allow care and support services to better record and analyse their service user and patient information.

We are working in partnership to utilise elements of both organisations' solutions that provide integrated Budget Calculations, within Virtual Wallet, for Continuing Healthcare for ICSs. 

Find out more on their website (opens in a new window). 

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