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Chapter one of the NHS Long Term Plan identifies personalised care and digital as two of the five major, practical changes that will create the new NHS service model fit for the 21st century.  Both of these represent seismic and challenging shifts in relation to people, processes and technology. 

The NHS has set out plans for how it will systematically implement the Comprehensive Model for Personalised Care to reach 2.5 million people by 2023/24, with 200,000 people being supported by Personal Health Budgets by 2023/24, a target reasserted by Sajid Javid in March 2022. 


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What we do

We can help you deliver across all aspects of personalised care, especially end-to-end solutions for personal health budgets.  This can be an important element of wider solutions such as discharge-to-assess (D2A) and delayed transfer-of-care (DTOC) initiatives.  We work with CCGs, CSUs, Trusts, STPs, ICSs and other stakeholders, but the patient is always at the heart.  

Our recruitment tools and resources can help you stimulate and manage the market of Personal Assistants.  Our Virtual Wallet solution for personal health budgets is built on our experiences in social care and best practices across the globe, and has been tailored to the specific needs of the NHS.  

We work in close partnership with you to empower patients to experience the benefits of personalised care, while minimising the risk and administrative burden for your organisation.  

Our passionate team have a wealth of experience across the health sector and work across multiple cohorts, including continuing healthcare,  mental health, end-of-life care and personal wheelchair budgets.  

Did you know?

Our Virtual Wallet solution can deliver all three deployment models for personal health budgets - direct payments, third-party managed and notional budgets.  And we've just started doing one-off rapid-payment payment PHBs to help streamline hospital discharge. 


What can you save?

PPL have developed a savings calculator that enables us to model potential savings for CCGs from PHBs.  The estimates range from 5% to 25%, depending on variables such as the cohort and budget deployment model, but we would expect a CCG to be able to prudently forecast a net saving of at least 10% of the overall budget spend.  Get in touch with us for a free, no obligation discussion and diagnostic of what your organisation could save. 

Recommended External Reading

We are on NHS England’s preferred supplier list for IT solutions to meet the needs of personal health budgets.