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Why FCA matters

PPL obtained its licence from the Financial Conduct Authority a few months ago.  As much as we would love to publish an article about the 1978 disco hit 'YMCA', this post actually explores why FCA matters to our sector. 

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PPL Launches Payroll Service

PPL are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer payroll services directly to personal health budget and direct payments recipients.

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Quarterly Personal Health Budget Data Analysis Q4

NHS England requires all CCGs to submit data on Personal Health Budgets quarterly.  We have analysed the most recent data from the 2021/22 Q4 return to draw out some key observations.  

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Financial Oversight of Direct Payments & Personal Budgets

PPL recently obtained its licence from the Financial Conduct Authority.  This article explores whether other organisations that are processing or holding direct payments & personal budgets should also be licenced by the FCA. 

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