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Care Caps

The Government is changing the way people in England pay for social care. 

Right now, there is no limit to how much money an individual might have to pay.   From October 2023, there will be a cap of £86k on the amount that anyone eligible for care will need to pay for their personal care in their lifetime. 

We have formed a working group with several local authorities to respond to this new approach.  Whilst many of the details remain unknown, we DO know there will be an influx of people wanting to activate their care cap in October 2023.  Many of these people will not have accessed the 'social care system' previously, which presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reframe the journey for them. 

Our solution will provide a 'digital first' experience to meet the needs of individuals whilst minimising the burden for local authorities.  Features of the solution for the individual include:

  • Information, advice and guidance about social care and care caps, including a ready reckoner on what is right for them and connections to the next step. 

  • Completion of eligibility and financial assessments online and submission to the local authority for review/approval.

  • Recording of progress towards the cap, viewing a projection of when it will be reached and ability to record a change in circumstances. 

It will enable local authorities to meet both the initial and ongoing demands of this new cohort in an efficient manner.  They will also be able to connect 'self funders' with other tools and resources, and will benefit from comprehensive reports which help them with demand planning.  To join our working group or to find out more: 

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Key benefits

Efficient way to manage the influx of applications
Digital-first approach for a new cohort of people
Transparency for the individual & their family
Portability when the individual moves
Low cost option for the local authority
Reporting and demand planning for the local authority